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Plastic Storage Box

Plastic storage box: with cover (has the sealing effect), pulleys, inclined sets (space) resistant to acid, alkali, oil, toxic and tasteless, easy to clean, spare parts turnover is convenient, tidy an

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Plastic Cooling Towers

Performance: forming a smooth, with good health and anti-UV ability, impact resistance, earthquake-resistant, anti-aging, long algae blooms, easy to wash, rodent and termite resistant, easy installati

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Plastic Boxes

1, easy to shape, as long as you replaces the mold, you can get different kinds of containers, and are easy to form in large quantities.2, good packing effect, plastic variety, color, bright color, an

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Plastic Packaging

Plastics are synthetic or natural macromolecular resin as main ingredient. After you have added all kinds of additives, at a certain temperature and pressure the malleable, cooled and can tie up their

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THE technology company limited was established in 2011, is a first domestic research and development, production, sales and service of professional low-pressure injection molding equipment manufacturing and peripheral businesses. Company and equipment development, production, mold machining Department, matching plastic products processing and low pressure sales agent of plastics materials, is currently the largest low-pressure injection molding industry and strength of the enterprise.


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Companies based on high technology, high starting point, introduce Germany advanced technology of low-pressure injection molding machines and parts are imported, integration of perfect technology research and development


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